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 Neeti Katyal is the clairvoyant and astute Vastu expert offering her expertise and advice for the benefits of the society. I have been for long working and researching the Vastu affects on the life of individuals. It is this in-depth understanding and research that has given me an insight and advantage to correct the malefic placements occurring as the result of Vastu Dosha.

Expertise of Neeti Katyal on various aspects of Vastu has given natural advantage to people to attain spiritual well-being and growth of inner conscience. My Vastu remedies are based on comprehensive research, which takes from the geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments – all of these have strong effects on the lives of people in some way or the other.

I give people clairvoyance and purposeful guidance to people to improve Vastu conditions in the lives of individuals and professional lives too. Whether you have purchased Farmhouse or a new home for yourself, or planning to move to rented accommodation, each of these may affect your life and decisions you are going to make. I will be your guide in decisions you make, every time with respect to the Vastu. My decisions will strengthen the foundation of your living place, and turn out to be a profitable venture in times to come.

With Neeti Katyal beside you, there is no Vastu Dosha or malefic occurrence, for I negate the malefic incidents in through my inherent analytical skills and knowledge. I have worked out the economical and aspiring ways for my customers, and they are leading a happy and complete life with their families, in their newly found homes.

Are you facing problems in the Vastu of your home? Change your life and be on the brighter side. I am available to offer you Vastu consultation. Call me on: