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 Palm Reading also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy and sometimes also called as hand prediction, is when hands of the individuals are used to predict the future and past course of action of the individuals. Palm reading is an ancient art practiced extensively in Chinese cultures. In fact, in Chinese cultures, palm reading forms the basis of fortune telling.  Palm reading comprises in-depth analysis on several levels. The analysis includes understanding lines, mounts and the shapes of the fingers.

A trained and experienced palm reader can change the life of an individual, who is affected by severe problems and unexplained challenges.

Neeti Katyal is the famous palmist, who understands the palm lines and shapes of the fingers. She does the palm analysis from different perspectives, but the ultimate purpose is to ease the lives of the individuals. She has always worked in the direction of giving people spiritual guidance and psychic predictions. Her ability and expertise in reading the most complex palms have earned her rich reputation among the clients, besides professions. Neeti’s palm reading is not just correct, but she also blends her clairvoyance psychic power to make detailed predictions about lives and personalities. In succinct, she has added virtuosity in lives of her clients through her expertise in the palm reading.