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Neeti Astrologix is the credible and one of the unique websites managed and operated by internationally acclaimed astrologer and tarot card reader – Clairvoyant Neeti Katyal. Through this website, she works as the lead consultant offering her valuable advice and remedial measures to eliminate hardships of the life, and make it comfortable to live.

The website provides wide range of psychic and clairvoyant services to people from different interest groups and ethnic communities. Clairvoyant Neeti Katyal also engages in advice concerning education, health, career prospects, marriage, business, financial condition etc. The website also provides in-depth analysis of individual’s personality and growth. 

The website is dedicated to providing services in the field of astrology, palmistry, numerology and tarot card reading. At Neeti Astrologix, we have the singleton motto –“To help individuals living in troubled phases of their lives to lead comfortable and happy life.” The key driving force behind Neeti Astrologix is astrologer and clairvoyant – Neeti Katyal. She has been at the helm of the benevolent work changing the lives of individuals and the families for good of the society. Neeti Astrologix is the step in the direction, which is going to transform the future and heal the present. In this sense, the website is a catalyst to the change effect.


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Motivated Living through Spiritual Clairvoyance

There are times when the life becomes more challenging, and everything begins to dismantle. You need a guide and mentor, who can help you to come over this type of situation through spiritual or yogic advice. Neeti Astrologix offers you the spiritual path and the right attitude to fight back the negative energies. We help you to:

• Instill faith in life
• Guide you to success
• Change your life
• Overcome personal and professional issues
• Turn the impossible into possible
• Regain your lost energies

Neeti Astrologix offers person-to-person and telephonic advice. We are concerned about you. We make it better and worth of living.